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When it’s the Truth, it shows up everywhere!


I remember when I finally made peace with a pose that I couldn’t stand. That pose was ‘forward fold’. I had stopped working to click around and read about it. If my friend Julie were to make a guess out of all the yoga poses in the world, she would say, "Loretta can't stand forward fold because she doesn't like to bend-over." And it's true, I never did like to bend over. I Love yoga and I Love to garden, but I don’t like to bend over, so go figure. Bending over has always been a pet-peeve of mine, like kettle bell swings in the gym. I would rather squat all day long than bend-over.

There I was sitting at my desk working and that pose seeped into my brain. “Grrrrr, forward fold.” Even though my head responded with a growl I still took it as an intuitive hit and instantly stopped working to Google 'forward fold'. I read about it and watched a couple of YouTube video's on it. No wonder I couldn’t stand that pose because I would bet any amount of money that I was bending at the waist and not at the hips. I knew that's what I was doing. I could not wait to get to class and try out my newfound awareness in full-blown action. I would be willing to bet the ranch that 'all of the yoga instructors' I had ever heard were probably saying to bend at the hips (not the waist), but I probably didn't hear them because I was too busy growling at the pose and standing in my forward-fold-drama to listen.

As a Chiropractor (non-practicing) I knew this, but as a yogi, the student gets it when the student gets it. And I got ‘the get’, when I got ‘the get’. When you find yourself in the space of needing to make ‘peace with a pose’, that is the time to study the pose and yourself. My refusal to bend at the hips was showing up in other places in my Life where I was refusing to bend as well. As I always say, “When it’s the Truth, it shows up everywhere!”